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NBA FanDuel Picks for Sunday, March 24, 2019

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Optimal Lineup

Updated Throughout the Day

Optimal lineups are generated to demonstrate groups of players that work well together. This should be used only as a thought-starter for your lineups. This lineup may not conform to exact requirements of FanDuel (ie. players from one team), and may cross over multiple slates. For more detailed and customizable lineup generation, please use the NBA FanDuel Optimizer.

PG Emmanuel Mudiay
PG Rajon Rondo
SG Damyean Dotson
SG James Harden
SF Danilo Gallinari
SF Miles Bridges
PF Marcus Morris
PF Kyle Kuzma
C JaVale McGee
Salary $60,000
Expected Points 301.91

Player expected costs and values are calculated every thirty minutes throughout the day.

Point Guard

Best Rating

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Kyrie Irving BOS $10,300 47.35 4.60
Stephen Curry GS $9,900 41.47 4.19
Kemba Walker CHA $9,000 40.55 4.51
De’Aaron Fox SAC $9,100 38.65 4.25

Best Values

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Emmanuel Mudiay NYK $5,200 30.18 5.80
Rajon Rondo LAL $6,500 32.71 5.03
Alex Caruso LAL $5,000 24.83 4.97
Cory Joseph IND $4,400 21.68 4.93

Shooting Guard

Best Rating

Name Team Cost Expected Value
James Harden HOU $12,600 58.68 4.66
DeMar DeRozan SAS $9,200 39.38 4.28
Khris Middleton MIL $8,000 36.66 4.58
Klay Thompson GS $8,300 35.55 4.28

Best Values

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Eric Gordon HOU $4,700 23.53 5.01
Jaylen Brown BOS $4,700 23.46 4.99
James Harden HOU $12,600 58.68 4.66
Bogdan Bogdanovic SAC $4,300 19.82 4.61

Small Forward

Best Rating

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL $12,400 54.64 4.41
LeBron James LAL $10,700 50.27 4.70
Kawhi Leonard TOR $10,000 44.19 4.42
Kevin Durant GS $9,600 43.31 4.51

Best Values

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Miles Bridges CHA $4,900 26.24 5.36
Kevin Knox NYK $5,100 25.05 4.91
Danilo Gallinari LAC $7,600 36.97 4.86
Dwayne Bacon CHA $3,800 18.36 4.83

Power Forward

Best Rating

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Julius Randle NOP $9,000 40.75 4.53
Blake Griffin DET $8,500 39.56 4.65
LaMarcus Aldridge SAS $8,700 38.20 4.39
Anthony Davis NOP $7,800 36.59 4.69

Best Values

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Marcus Morris BOS $5,100 27.50 5.39
Kyle Kuzma LAL $6,000 29.86 4.98
Cheick Diallo NOP $4,400 21.30 4.84
Thaddeus Young IND $6,100 29.45 4.83


Best Rating

Name Team Cost Expected Value
Nikola Jokic DEN $10,200 46.59 4.57
Andre Drummond DET $11,100 44.49 4.01
Clint Capela HOU $8,100 37.58 4.64
Myles Turner IND $7,900 33.91 4.29

Best Values

Name Team Cost Expected Value
JaVale McGee LAL $6,300 33.87 5.38
Mitchell Robinson NYK $5,700 30.62 5.37
DeAndre Jordan NYK $6,400 31.48 4.92
Marc Gasol TOR $6,300 30.32 4.81

Picks are based on historical performance and match-up. Picks are updated regularly, but we advise that you keep up to date on late-day roster moves and injuries Рthose are not taken into consideration. Sports from the Basement provides no warranty on these suggestions and readers should make picks at their own risk. Sample lineups are provided as thought-starters, and are not intended for direct use.

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